Capsule Case

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Getting the best results from your Hydromax penis pump requires regular use. If you’re travelling, though, it can be difficult to bring your hydropump with you, transporting it discreetly and safely. The Bathmate Capsule Case is a solution, making it easy to keep up your Bathmate routine whenever you’re out on the road.

Securely storing any size and model of hydropump, the Capsule Case is a hard and durable case with a totally discreet, unbranded appearance. For an extra level of security, the zippers are holed, letting you attach any small lock for protection.

Opening up the case, you’ll find room for your hydropump, along with a netted pocket suitable for carrying anything from our collection of accessories, whether it’s a convenient add-on like the Bathmate Shower Strap, our antibacterial pump cleaner, Bathmate Clean, or any of the other options we offer.

Customer Reviews

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Tristian A. (United States)
Capsule Case

It’s a little on the large side but it does hold any pump and all the accessories needed inside with ease. Feels very durable and it’s not very flimsy or cheap made.

Tarago159 (Australia)
Great product

Perfect for storing my Bathmate and the attachments discretely. Also perfect for travelling.

Jeremiah L. (United States)
Short Term Review

So I have had my pump for just shy of a month now. My initial impressions of it are that is it very well made, easy to use, and the neck strap makes it convenient. I do not subscribe to the belief that is will make my penis larger, but what it does do and does very well I might add, is to stop me from what is known as "turtleling". As a cyclist, there is nothing more uncomfortable than to have your penis turtle while you want to spend a few hours in the saddle, peddling down the road. I have noticed that with regular use, this issue stops being an issue. For that reason alone the cost of this pump was worth it to me. A fringe benefit is that my wife says I have firmer erections, which is more comfortable for her during sex. Having a pump that equalizes the pressure around my penis with water is great. I have used regular pumps in the past, and they always created bulgy, puffy areas. Not comfortable. Do I expect to get a huge penis? No, because I do not believe that is possible. Am I enjoying not having the head of my penis slink back down into its self like I just jumped into freezing cold water? Damn right I am. In my estimation of this pump, it is worth every penny. Especially if you enjoy not having to move your penis around just to sit comfortably.


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