Vibe Bullet

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Power really matters when it comes to vibrators. Whether you’re looking for a gentle option or incredibly powerful performance for unforgettable orgasms, the Bathmate VIBE bullet vibrator is the perfect choice for you, with customisable, long-lasting performance making for an unforgettable level of pleasure.

We’ve designed the VIBE Bullet for power and flexibility. With an IPX7-rated waterproof design, the bullet can be used whether you’re in bed, bath or beyond, while 10 completely different vibration patterns give you the choice you need for real, lasting pleasure.

We’ve designed each of these patterns for different experiences. As an example, patterns 1, 4 and 10 have a clitoral focus, each adding an escalating level of power - give the VIBE Bullet a try and you’ll quickly find out what the other options are for.

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